Thursday, February 4, 2010

my word! intro & ch1

Plagiarism is an issue that will never truly go away. This book tries to identify the background behind the college culture of plagiarism. Although plagiarism is not a new subject, it certainly has become a hot topic around our technology-based lifestyle. The book pushes the idea that students and teachers have the problem that information is so easy to copy nowadays.
I was shocked to read that Martin Luther King Jr. is accused of plagiarizing. That’s certainly not something I learned as a child. I find it hypocritical that professors and teachers aren’t held with the same severity as students when they are caught cheating.
Anyways I liked this book much more than I expected to. I enjoy how this book takes both perspectives of plagiarism into account. I agree on how the readers could benefit more from the material if a writer uses another’s work. It did drag on a bit but the facts that it presented were good. The China exams were interesting because it displays how people will just adapt when new challenges are presented. And the book only talked about the failed cheaters. I wonder about all the other people who managed to pass without getting caught

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