Thursday, February 4, 2010


An essay is a structured form of writing that revolves around a certain topic. In most cases it has several paragraphs that either explain, question, or analyze a thesis or idea. An essay is taught to having three sections to its format. The three sections are are made up of paragraphs ordered as the introduction, body, and conclusion. An good writer makes an essay easy for the reader to transition from idea to idea. A bad writer will have an unorganized manner of writing where ideas tend to pop out of nowhere.
From a young age American children are taught to knowing the concept of the essay. Every year after fifth grade an English teacher will ask for atleast one essay that is graded. Most of my experience with writing essays have been bad ones. I just seem to not like my own writing. I usually will not get bad grades on things but I tend to procrastinate when writing an essay.
I have no idea what to essay is. I assume its writing an essay?
I recently found out that to essay is to "attempt or try". I never hear it used in that manner. So I shall essay harder to finish my essays on time.

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